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Here's a list of research projects I've been a part of recently

As a Research Associate at Nanyang Technological University, I co-authored a paper in Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism on the relationship between cultural taboos and nationalism in Singapore.

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SISIR originated as the Industrial Research Unit, with Colombo plan assistance during the Cold War. Over time it expanded its work to cover standardisation, metrology, and industrial information services.
I began looking into this incredibly important, but often overlooked, institution as a Lee Kong Chian Research Fellow at Singapore's National Library Board (NLB).

Some early publications to emerge from this include a short piece on the cultural politics of making crash helmets mandatory, another on Singapore"s "national souvenir," the gold-plated orchid RISIS, and a short write-up on the life on Dr. Lee Kum Tatt. All appeared in the NLB in-house magazine BiblioAsia.

Comparative Covid Response

Comparative Covid Response: Crisis, Knowledge, Policy (CompCoRe) is a comparative study of national responses to the COVID-19 pandemic from a science and technology studies (STS) perspective.

It consists of teams from sixteen countries coming together to try to understand why countries varied so enormously in their approaches to the pandemic. I am part of CompCoRe's Singapore team.

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